The Brooklyn Home Company (TBHCo) is a family-run cooperative of artists and builders committed to creating world-class and innovative living spaces in Brooklyn. We provide high-quality homes that deliver the best value for our buyers.

As Brooklyn locals we embrace individualism, artistic integrity, customer focus and environmental conservation as a business philosophy and integrate these qualities into each of our homes. We’re a business, a family and we’re contributing to the Brooklyn community.

TBHCo builds custom homes, not units. Homes for people seeking artistic innovation, a classic design and the highest quality. We believe value is found in homes that are tasteful, functional, and timeless. At TBHCo, we build and sell homes that endure.

Trained at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), TBHCo's in-house creative team focuses on design with an artistic eye. We combine this innovative approach with custom artistic features from our shop in Brooklyn and our mill upstate, as well as integrated sculpture.

TBHCo builds sustainable and energy efficient homes by striving towards air-tight building envelope and insulation systems in our homes. We utilize industry leading, energy efficient HVAC systems and are investing in Passive House building systems wherever possible. This intuitive process of building smarter, cleaner, more efficient homes has educated us and transformed the way we work. We have an eye for a green aesthetic. We don’t do it because we think green sells; we do it because we want to bring better living to our customers.

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