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Dear Prospective Home Buyer,

The Brooklyn Home Company is implementing passive house principles in the majority of our new construction projects in Brooklyn, NY. Passive House is a European building technique that increases the insulation of the building envelope and introduces fresh filtered air into the indoor air environment. This lowers heating and cooling bills, reduces the building’s carbon footprint, and improves indoor air quality compared to typical home builds. In short, our opinion is it’s the best way to build new homes.

Therefore, we invested in passive house design and construction training. Our architectural project manager is a Certified Passive House Designer. We also hired Bldtyp, the preeminent passive house consultant and educator in NYC to oversee our home builds. We upgraded our HVAC system to integrate ERV air systems which extracts stale air from your home and brings in filtered fresh air. Filtered fresh air is clinically proven to improve cognitive brain function (fresh air makes you smarter), reduce transmission of illness between family members, and improve the quality of life for those suffering from asthma and allergies. Lastly, Passive House, due to the required continuous insulation and triple pane European windows makes your home quieter. All of this leads to the best homes we have ever built.

We have three projects currently for sale implementing Passive House principles. We would love for you to see our work. View Homes

To learn more about Passive House please visit Passive House Accelerator.

Bill Caleo