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Carroll Street
Cumberland Street
Dean Street
Delray Florida
Douglass Street
Elmwood Hill Lane
Fort Greene Place
Garfield Place
Kane Street
Lincoln Place 1
Lincoln Place 2
Lincoln Place West
Putnam Avenue
Vanderbilt Avenue
Washington Ave
Washington Street
404 11th Street
5th Street
6th Avenue
7th Avenue
9th Street
10th Street
11th Street
15th Street

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A Revamped Heritage Piece

An original overhaul for creative director Lyndsay Caleo, the first iteration of this Park Slope townhome leveraged existing details like historic molding—some of the best examples of the style in all of Brooklyn—while revamping the overall look with dramatic paint choices and textured furniture. A completely new kitchen was installed, along with a custom yellow-and-white striped nursery ceiling and furniture upholstered in piecework vintage textiles.