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Property of Interest
Carroll Street
Cumberland Street
Dean Street
Delray Florida
Douglass Street
Elmwood Hill Lane
Fort Greene Place
Garfield Place
Kane Street
Lincoln Place 1
Lincoln Place 2
Lincoln Place West
Putnam Avenue
Vanderbilt Avenue
Washington Ave
Washington Street
404 11th Street
5th Street
6th Avenue
7th Avenue
9th Street
10th Street
11th Street
15th Street

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For this project, we focused on energy efficiency and timeless design, incorporating a private elevator, multiple custom art elements by Fitzhugh Karol, and the best master suite in the history of our company. Furthermore, we were able to secure a parking spot nearby and offer this amenity as part of the home sale.

We found a buyer soon after listing the home, and are now developing a project two doors down. We’re offering a similar layout and amenity package with parking for the address, set to list in the spring of 2020. Please contact us for more information on this new development.