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A Low Impact City Respite

The first of two new Passive House Collection projects that represent the future of  The Brooklyn Home Company, this reinforced concrete, twelve-unit building uses a variety of passive house principles that improve both the wellness of the planet and the lives of its inhabitants. Practical implications of this in our design include triple-paned windows for superior insulation, and an Energy Recovery Ventilation unit that constantly removes stale air from the home while pushing fresh, filtered air in—steps that can hugely impact quality of life by reducing germs and allergens. The boundary between indoors and outdoors is made flexible in every unit through outdoor spaces off the living rooms. To heighten the sense of privacy, elevators open directly into each home. Clean, design-forward finishes throughout lend a sense of subtle sophistication, from Carrara marble countertops to 7-inch Madera hardwood floors in every space, and seamless built-in cabinetry in the living rooms.

*Photography by Travis Mark

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