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An arts-inspired townhouse

We were given full artistic control over the renovation of this spectacular Park Slope townhouse, with one main directive—to highlight the couple’s magnificent art collection. That meant the original pieces we brought in needed to feel at home next to these iconic works. Our TBHC team and creative lead Lyndsay Caleo commissioned eye-catching finishes like glossy black kitchen cabinets—which reflect light from a bi-fold glass door that opens to the backyard—and a breathtaking living room with lacquer-painted blue walls and a gold-leaf ceiling that lends a sunny year-round glow. Light-catching metal touches reappear throughout the home, in brass-inset doors designed by artist Fitzhugh Karol, and in the handles of custom mill-worked bathroom cabinets. Playful curves are another recurring theme, from the Frank Gehry wiggle chairs that sit at the head of the dining room table to the undulating, white-washed four-poster bed also created by Fitzhugh Karol for our in-house furniture line. A solar array on the roof also greatly reduced the home’s electricity costs.